Gold (Heart of a Miner Series, book 2)

Krystal M.

WESTERN:  Silver City, Idaho Territory, in the year 1876. Charlie Montgomery has never met a dare he could pass up. Impulsive might be his middle name. His impetuous nature has led him into trouble many times. His latest is a fool-hardy attempt to ride a mining plume into town. Virginia Baycroft has shouldered the responsibilities to care for her mother and sisters since her father died in a mining accident. She has taken a job in town as a nurse, which leads her to Charlie after his latest stunt. However, she needs money fast, and that’s what gets a respectable lady like her into trouble: serious, life-threatening trouble. 

This historical romance is a quick read when one wants to escape to the 1870’s mining town era. Charlie is trying to outrun his background, his father’s outlaw notoriety, and make a name for himself. Virginia is hopelessly drawn to him, but haunted by the pressures of her late father’s bad choices. Lots of drama and surprises fill the pages of this sweet book. There are some minor punctuation errors, occasional dragging, and a few times both Virginia and Charlie share the point of view in the same paragraphs, leading to some minor confusion. Aside from those editing oversights, this is a solid book readers are sure to enjoy. This is book two of the ‘Heart of a Miner’ series. It can be read alone and fully appreciable within its own merit. Or readers can choose to read the series in order.  

Emerson Matthews