Godspeed (Earls of East Anglia Book 2)

Le Veque

The barons of England are at war with Prince John. Against this sweeping backdrop begins the tale of Belladonna, youngest daughter of the Duke of Savernake and her quest to wed Dashiell du Reims, a knight whose code of honor prevents him from acknowledging his love for the much younger maiden. However, once Dash realizes that his feelings are returned and that if he does not act, Bella will be married to another, he refuses to let anyone or anything stand in his way. Treachery abounds, however, as the husband of Bella's older sister, Lily, seeks to inherit the dukedom. The sisters face great loss, and the shadow of war lurks over the entire land, threatening to tear their lives apart.  

Ms. Le Veque deftly weaves a gripping tale of intrigue, romance and betrayal. There is a great deal to commend in this story, from Ms. Le Veque's ability to keep the reader constantly hooked to her skillfully drawn characters. However, occasional phrases that sound a little too modern and continuous head hopping, where the point of view shifts from one character to another in as much as one paragraph to the next, prevent "Godspeed" from reaching the heights it could attain. Nonetheless, "Godspeed" is an exciting tale that will capture reader's imaginations and have them clamoring for more.

Tricia Hill