God of the Seas – Pirates of Britannia World Series


Melisent Winchester, bastard daughter of England’s King Henry and lady-in-waiting Lucette La Vache, has only known the cloistered life provided by the nuns of the Convent of Blessed Wounds.  Godwin “Trenoweth”, Captain of the Dragonstar, current King of Poseidon’s Legion can only remember his life of learning to fight, plunder, sail, and kill while becoming one of the most feared and respected pirates upon the seas. They meet when Godwin and his crew board the ship carrying Melisent to the nobleman her father, the King, has commanded she marry sight unseen. Enthralled by their instant attraction and some passionate kisses they realize they are destined for each other. Past treachery and a life-changing secret sets them on a course of swashbuckling adventure and a mission for Godwin to reclaim his rightful inheritance and keep his lady love safe.

Alexa Aston’s bold seafaring tale is filled with action, adventure, passion, and romance! The intricate back stories will compel readers to keep the pages turning as they sink into an exciting medieval world of pirates and aristocracy.  Characters leap off the pages with distinct voices and bawdy humor. Dastardly fiends of the sea find they are no match for the wily captain and his capable legion of pirates that readers will come to love. Harrowing sea battles will make hearts pound and spines tingle.  The fast overpowering attraction shared between the rakish captain and his captive innocent maiden will inspire breaths to be held.  Readers will be captivated by Ms. Aston’s irresistible story of desire, intrigue, mayhem, and evil schemes that will have them wanting to set sail on many more journeys with the Poseidon Legion’s crew!

Tonya Mathenia