Glory Bound (Shades of Gray Civil War Serial Trilogy Book 3)


CIVIL WAR: A heartbroken Andrea leaves Hawthorne in a rush after Alex orders her to leave because he believes she betrayed him and his men. She returns to her old Union post, acting as a courier. After she leaves, Alex learns he has horribly misjudged Andrea. She convinces a rival to sell him Excaliber, a stallion he has been wanting for years. She never betrays him, but goes on a mission for the Confederacy. Andrea first returns to being a Union courier until Justus, her horse, is shot out from under her. Then she becomes a field nurse. Hunter is injured during this time. She helps him, and Hunter begs her to stay with him, but Andrea leaves him for fear of him being captured and imprisoned. Hunter finally catches up with Andrea again, imploring her to forgive him, but afraid of being hurt again, she walks out on him.

“Glory Bound” is an emotionally enthralling ending to the Shades of Gray trilogy. The heroics shown by Hunter illustrate the love of country on display during the Civil War. Andrea shows how fine the line is between her loyalties to the Union and to the Confederacy after she changes sides for Hunter with his great love of Virginia. Although complete without it, the epilogue is available only by contacting the author. This story is a gloriously impressive depiction of the war and its perils. It makes one hold their breath as some of the battles play out. A clean tale where tumultuous feelings are exhibited between the hero and heroine, and a haunting love story which stays in one’s consciousness long after the last page is turned.

Belinda Wilson