The Gift of Love – The Book of Love #8


Miss Dahlia Farthingale and Royal Navy Captain Ronan Brayden become fast friends during her coming out season. Unbeknownst to Dahlia, Ronan is holding back his true feelings because she has romantic feelings for another. Dahlia is devastated after finding her crush in a compromising clench with another woman! Having her self-esteem wilted from humiliation, Dahlia’s convinced she is undesirable. After a surprisingly magical kiss at a Twelfth Night Ball, Ronan is determined to claim Dahlia. As they read from the infamous Book of Love together, Dahlia experiences an epiphany about her growing feelings and a smitten Ronan is convinced he’s found his match. Will it be enough to restore her confidence and her faith in love to accept the reward of Ronan’s heart?

Presenting the familiar plot of friends becoming lovers, "The Gift of Love" is a delightful romance of chivalry and passion! A love story told with an old-fashioned poetic sensibility with the usual ensemble of characters. Of course, the hero is handsome, dashing, and brave; and the heroine is beautiful, kind, and spirited. The secondary characters surround the love birds with compassion, wittiness, and a bit of cunning. The brief presence of an ambitious lothario provides a hint of menace to keep readers guessing. Rules of aristocratic society and comedic shenanigans of familial hi-jinks and matchmaking are excellent foils against one another. In spite of all the usual tropes, Ms. Meara Platt manages to deliver a pleasing version of companionship blossoming into a love affair. Readers will enjoy a refreshing escape from their troubles guaranteed to transport them to an era of enchantment!

Tonya Mathenia