The Ghost (Highland Heroes Book 6)


Lady Brenna Maxwell has spent the past five years running, surviving, and raising her orphaned nephew. Magnus de Gray learns he has a son. The news took five years to reach him, but he is determined to find the boy. He never expects to meet Brenna - prickly, fierce, amazing. For a man who has spent much of his life alone, discovering a woman who touches his soul is an unexpected gift. When circumstances force them to return to Magnus' clan, Brenna is torn between her fear of losing her nephew, her growing feelings for the large warrior, and for the past she cannot change. Nonetheless, she agrees to wed Magnus and begins to feel at home amongst the clan members. But when her past comes knocking on the clan's door, the seeds of evil tear at the fragile happiness she has found. Can Brenna and Magnus defeat their enemies and grasp a lifetime of love?

Steeped in rich Scottish brogue and the lush, wildness of the Highlands, "The Ghost" sweeps readers off their feet for an emotionally charged adventure of love and family! Brenna is resilient despite all she has endured, and while she is reluctant to trust Magnus, she recognizes his admirable qualities. For his part, Magnus knows he owes his son's very life to Brenna. But it is her spirit that attracts him and his gentle campaign to woo the spirited lass will immediately draw readers into the story. Unexpected twists and turns keep "The Ghost" fresh and engaging, so much so that this page turner is bound to burn the midnight candle!

Tricia Hill