Reviews - Historical

Lydia Farnsworth is in a quandary. Her father, the Laird, is dying and with all her brothers dead, she is set to be named the new Laird of Tornbury Fortress. Alasdair McTavish is commanded by his Laird to assist Lydia in training Tornbury’s men.

VICTORIAN:  Lady Jane Shillington is resigned to being a spinster. However, when a stranger enters her room and her bed, Jane experiences the passion that was long-denied her. Caleb Wesley, Earl of Keery believes he has entered the room of the widow he was having an affair with.

Leona MacDowell struggles to keep hope in  the house of her oppressive father, where her dreams of love and family seem fated to be unfulfilled. When she learns that she may have a chance at her dreams in the form of marriage to Alec Bowie she puts her heart and soul in his hands, even though she knows that Alec has been forced into this marriage.

Englishman Harrison Dyer washes ashore on the coast of the Kingdom of Siam, only survivor of a merchant shipwreck, along with his nanny goat.

Mary T.

WESTERN:  Ahyoka is the much beloved daughter of a Cherokee White Chief. Ever since her mother died he’s done everything in his power to keep her safe and protected, but as Ahyoka grows she starts to chafe at the restrictions placed on her.