Reviews - Historical

Lady Elora Brodie has done everything in her power to avoid marriage, even if it has given her the reputation as a cold, controlling woman. She will go to any lengths to avoid having to marry, even if that means going to the shipyards of Edinburgh to find help. Nathan Campbell can usually be found in the local tavern, surrounded by women aching for him to take them to bed.

Mason Hale is one of the most feared men in London’s East End. He reluctantly agrees to become a bodyguard to a young Duke in order to pay off some debts. Lady Katherine Blackwell is determined to keep her brother safe after several attacks on him. She hires Hale and immediately feels a stirring within her.

When Ruari Ross finds an injured woman in the forest, he has no idea that she is going to change his life. He wants to get married, but he does not want to fall in love. Esme Fraser hates the idea of marrying a Ross, and she has succeeded in avoiding being wed until now. When she is wounded and left for dead, the man who saves her stirs something inside her.

Lady Elora knows that she needs to marry to ensure her family’s success, but is a marriage full of love and passion too much to ask? Her brother is the undefeated champion, yet he’s determined to set her up with a knight of means who will take care of her. Sir Julien is also undefeated. Granted, he has only been in one tournament, but he needs to make a name for himself.

This book is really two books in one! The first book, “A Midwife for Sweetwater” introduces Rebecca Johansen. She is free of being a burden on her family and becomes a midwife for a small town called Sweetwater. There are several women pregnant in town, so she is confident that she will have work to keep her occupied. What she didn’t expect is her own love story with the local preacher!