The Gentle Knight (The Norman Conquest Book 2)


On his death bed, Irish princess Brighit MacNaughton’s father directs her from the safety of her family to a convent in faraway England to swear a celibate oath. When she is abandoned to strangers, Brighit must rely on her wits and will to persevere. Peter of Normandy is nursing a shattered heart while being sent on a private mission by the King. When he crosses paths with a band of opportunists and the frightened yet beautiful Brighit, he abandons his mission to assume a new one - the role of guardian. As protective walls begin to crumble and passion heats up will the pair adhere to their duty, or will they succumb to the need and power that is love? 


One will delight in the rich, colorful, and descriptive writings in this second standalone period novel. Some readers may initially become distracted with the convoluted list of characters, however as the storyline progresses in pace, one quickly discovers the much needed necessity and added layer of depth that these individual personalities contribute. Despite this, some may feel pitfalls with unanswered questions that are uniquely glossed over by diverting the reader’s attention. Nonetheless with intrigue, danger, and sexual tension abound, the reader is kept active in turning the pages revealing a strong and honor bound feminine lead, and a chivalrous knight that will go to any length to preserve his young princesses’ virtue and dignity. Across the board, Ms.York delivers yet another enjoyable and historical read! 


Stephanie Lodes