Gather the Bones

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The aftermath of the Great War (World War I) – thousands upon thousands of men have died, leaving behind families torn asunder by loss. The entire world is recovering from the unimaginable tragedy. And in that time this story is set.
The heroine, Helen Morrow, is a widow. Eight years after her husband’s death, she and her daughter set out for England on her mother-in-law’s request. There she meets Paul, her husband’s cousin and a man who awakens in her feelings she long considered dead. However, she has no intention of surrendering to them. Not only is she in an unfamiliar country, in a society she knows nothing about and doesn’t belong to, but the manor, which has been the home of the Morrow family for centuries, seems to be haunted - and the ghosts are far from benevolent.
Paul is a man haunted by guilt. After all, his cousin, the man who had it all, died, and by some twist of fate, Paul lived.  If that’s not enough, there are these feelings for Helen, the one woman he really shouldn’t fall for.
Helen and Paul are amazing characters whose strength is impossible to deny. They overcame a lot of obstacles to finally earn the peace and love they deserve. The only complaint is the ending of the story – the whole resolution with the ghost was odd, and there was an incident that could have easily been discarded,  other than that – pure perfection!  A stunning (and realistic) story that is a true delight to read!
Ana Smith