Garden of Angels (Dark Gardens Series Book 5)


FANTASY: When Lucien Mordain, a dragon shifter and duke of the underworld finds Aideen Pengalon and her uncle being chased on his land he suspects a trap. As he begins to get to know them, he confirms his suspicions about Aideen’s uncle’s sinister intentions, but his dragon heart recognizes Aideen as his mate. In an ancient Fae prophecy, The Stone of Draloch has prophesied war and the destruction of Dragon Lords with the coming of the little fire. Aideen, whose name means little fire, seems prophesied to lead to Lucien’s destruction. His heart, however, insists she is the key to his happiness and future. As their relationship grows, they must work together to untwist the Stone’s cryptic prophesies and visions to secure a future together.

Lucien is a dark hero. As a fallen angel and a Dragon Lord, he is in no way pure. But readers will be purely drawn to him as he learns to trust his heart and put his trust in love. Aideen is a sweet angel of a character whose innocence and strength make her a perfect heroine and match for Lucien. The Stone of Draloch’s meddling will frustrate the reader as much as it frustrates the characters, and leave readers twisted up and on the edge of their seats. Ms. Platt creates a vivid fantasy world with colorful descriptions of different realms all connected by portals. A masterful fantasy that will grip you and spin you into a different world introducing dragons, demons, angels and a fast-paced adventure sprinkled with steamy passion.

Cara Cieslak