The Gangster's Kiss (Love is a Dangerous Thing Book 1)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Grace Sullivan wants to find a good man, get married, and have a family, but being the sister of Hayward County’s shady sheriff puts her mainly into contact with gangsters. When her life becomes endangered by a man from her past, her safety is put into the hands of John O’Malley, a gangster assigned by her brother as her bodyguard.


 All clues pointed to Hayward County when John’s sister went missing, so taking a job as a bodyguard for the sheriff seemed like the perfect solution to finding her. However, John didn’t expect to be attracted to Grace or to be so uncertain of her innocence or guilt.


This historical romance takes place in the 1920s, a time of prohibition and mobsters. Although it concentrates mainly in Northern Wisconsin instead of Chicago, the hub for notorious gangsters, bootleggers, and organized crime, it still touches on illegal alcohol transportation, gangsters, dirty dealings, and even Al Capone. The beginning starts off somewhat slow while setting the background, but picks up speed by the third chapter. There are also instances of shifting POVs, but the many twists and turns along with the action, keeps the reader flipping the pages.


The characters are finely drawn and believable with the romance developing between the protagonists at an easy, smoldering pace. Interspersed with suspense, action, great chemistry, and sensual bedroom scenes, the plot progresses smoothly making it an intriguing novel. Readers of historical romance will find this entertaining tale of romance blossoming in the middle of prohibition and illegal dealings, a refreshing break from the usual Regency or Highland historicals.


Janna Shay