The Gangster's Hand (Love is a Dangerous Thing Book 3)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Vivian Flynn has left home to follow her dream of becoming a Hollywood star.  When she finds herself stranded in Las Vegas without her luggage or money, she needs to act quickly.  Help from her parents isn’t an option, so it is with great relief that she accepts a job as a dancer at hotel/casino owned by Enzo Starr.


Enzo knows a beautiful woman when he sees one.  He is also captivated by Vivian’s fresh innocence and talent.  However, bedding young Vivian must be put out of his mind.  His refusal to join the Las Vegas mob means that his casino is under attack.   Hopefully, he can keep his mind off Vivian and focus on the important matters at hand.

“The Gangster’s Hand” is an interesting look into the City of Las Vegas’ checkered past.  The writing is very good; however this story lacks a certain spark to give heat to the story of Vivian and Enzo.  Ms. Ring spends much of the novel telling the reader how the characters feel, almost spoon feeding the reader the story. With a storyline that is predictable, there is not much in “The Gangster’s Hand” to create tension for the reader.  Ms. Ring’s strengths are her prose and the research which brings the setting to life.  More investment into character development and a more creative plot will put Ms. Ring ahead of the pack.    

Gwenellen Tarbet