A Game of Hearts

Marigold Cartwell has trained for years to conquer her competition on the archery field. Her only rival is family friend, Tristan Gates. Unfortunately, her success on the field wins her no favor with the local baron who runs the local bowmen’s society and refuses to allow her to join. Determined to prove her naysayers wrong, Marigold decides to start a new women-only society and challenge the baron and her rival at the Lady Patroness’ Meeting, an invitation only archery competition - except a simple rivalry goes sideways when a bet, a threat, an engagement, and a rockslide change everything. Recent scandal may make Tristan and Marigold’s relationship more complicated, but it also digs up some long-hidden tension and attraction as well. As the competition approaches, boundaries are tested, hearts are on the line, and the prize might just be the last thing either Marigold or Tristan ever expected.
A delightful regency romance, where archery is the name of the game, Marigold and Tristan are an unlikely pair with a great deal of possibility bogged down in years of familiarity and misunderstanding. The story is set into motion with a mix of competitive spirit and stubbornness which is turned on its head when scandal threatens Marigold’s standing in society with only Tristan able to save her, which launches the romance. Although the romance has a predictable happy ending, it is in fact their rivalry which involves some clever twists. Readers will want to know, what will happen to Marigold’s society? Can Tristan save his friend’s business? How with the pair defeat the arrogant baron? Lovers of regency romance will want to read on to find out!
Sarah E Bradley