A Game of Chance


Lily Frontiere’s mother runs Lucky Lil’s, the favorite house of pleasure in San Francisco. Madam Lil shielded her daughter from house life, and used it to fund her education, giving her a chance outside the red velvet walls. After returning from a European vacation, her mother becomes ill. Worse, Lily finds her mother’s addiction has left the house in debt. Lily assumes her mother’s identity, and steps into the world of men with coins to burn while avoiding the advances of Simon Morgan. In rides a handsome gambler named Jed Stone, who presents her with the deed to Lucky Lil’s he’s won in a poker game. Jed is not bad news, quite the opposite. 

Jed Stone is bent on finding Simon Morgan, the one responsible for framing him. He’s a gambler; not a robber or a murderer, and the face on the wanted poster doesn’t belong to him.  The trail leads to an irresistible attraction to Madam Lil, and learning the tricks of the trade. 


Anyone with westerns high on their list should add grab this book quick! Ms. Linwood spins a fine old tale of tension as identities are revealed and love blooms. The story rarely sits idle, always moving forward unraveling the jumble of family ties. The story arc is not exceptionally new, but told in a colorful way to keep it fresh. The characters are well developed and extremely enjoyable. “A Game of Chance” is a bawdy and beautiful mix-it-up in the old west that comes highly recommended! 


Natasza Waters