Gambling On Forever


Elise Lafontaine is minding her own business when she sees her father's missing saddlebag slung over the shoulder of a man she does not recognize. Her problem? He is on a riverboat and unaccompanied females are not allowed on board. She catches the eye of a handsome man on the boat, who pretends to be her fiancé. James Garnett listens to her story and agrees to play poker for her and win her father's saddlebag. After James kisses her, Elise grabs the saddlebag and jumps overboard. She has no idea where to go from there. She has feelings for James and isn't sure what to do.

The plot of this book is a fun one and is made even more so by James Garnett. He is a fun character and the dialogue between him and Elise is fantastic. There are some giggle-out-loud moments and the immediate connection between the characters is obvious through the excellent description of emotions. The plot moves quickly making this book a real page-turner. Becky Lower has given readers a fun and well-portrayed love story with dynamic characters that are passionate and enjoyable to read. Readers will go on an unforgettable journey with this one.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick