Galveston: 1900: Indignities (Book One: The Arrival)

N. E. Brown
S. L. Jenkins

When tragedy strikes, Anne and Catherine Eastman decide to go forth with plans to move from England to Galveston, Texas. Shortly after arriving, things begin to look up when Anne acquires a job with a theater company.  David Brooks, a drifter, who works at the theater as well, has a penchant for prostitutes, beautiful women and murder. He has also set his sights on Anne. After killing Anne, he realizes that Catherine is just as beautiful as her mother....and he WILL have her.

After her mother’s murder, Catherine finds herself in an orphanage, with no one to care for her. John Merit, Anne’s friend, has taken it upon himself to seek permission to marry Catherine on her sixteenth birthday. Marrying, and trying to abstain sexually until Catherine is eighteen is proving harder than expected, especially when love has blossomed between them. Consummation is inevitable, and their love only grows deeper, but will it be able to survive the madness that is David Brooks?

“Galveston: 1900 Indignities” is an interesting and unique take on a serial killer. This book does have some serious transition problems. For example, in one paragraph a character is investigating a murder, in the next, Catherine is doing chores. There is a rape scene, but it is not graphic. Also, some might take offense to Johan having sex with Catherine when she is so young. There are also numerous editing issues as well. The characters are interesting, but lack the depth to make them intriguing. Ms. Brown and Ms. Jenkins have an historically accurate story, and with some tightening and better transitions they could have had a winner on their hands. 

Lynne Bryant