Gabriel (The Sword and The Spirit, #2)


Gabriel—a knight of the Templars—has escaped persecution in France and fled to Scotland with two of his Brethren. He is both pious and disciplined but faces an uncertain future. Unable to come to terms with the vicious attack on his way of life, Gabriel returns to England to lay down his sword and take holy vows. But trouble follows him, as his home is situated in the center of both English and Scottish conflict, and then the persecution of the Templars washes over in to England. Brenna, a complex woman for the times, crosses his path. Gabriel’s world is thrown into further turmoil when he realizes he is attracted to her. Life becomes increasingly complicated when the pair are thrown into the depths of an unsolved mystery, and Gabriel is faced with the most important decision of his life.

Avril Borthiry owns an exceptional talent when it comes to crafting a story with words. The book grabs the reader’s attention from the opening page. Beautifully sculpted characters and scenery draw the reader into the medieval turmoil of life for the Templars after their downfall. There is action a'plenty and an endearing love story that is both tender and heart-warming. At times, however, the pacing slows to the point of losing the reader’s attention. Minor pacing issues aside, the book is well researched, and the world of the Middle Ages beautifully brought to life in a fabulous read!

Cecilia Robins