The Fury of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 6)


Caroline Storme has long been misunderstood. When she was 12, she was abandoned to an asylum. She has returned to London but is misunderstood by everyone she meets. John Butler has come home in a last attempt to connect with his father. When John and Caroline have a chance meeting, there is an instant spark that cannot be denied. John’s patience allows him to understand Caroline in ways few have ever tried. John quickly decides that a marriage of convenience would serve them both, granting her freedom and him the settled life he needs. But inside Caroline’s mind she knows she wants more, a true marriage. How can she gain a true marriage if she isn’t even sure what a true marriage entails?

This unique tale is sweet from the start but filled with angst and hope as they struggle to communicate and work toward what they both want. Caroline and John have great chemistry. When they meet their instant chemistry excites them both, even as it confuses Caroline. John’s patience puts Caroline at ease, and she is eager to explore these new desires she feels. As John teaches her about relationships the pages are ablaze with passion. The character development is excellent as Caroline learns to navigate the ton and learns to communicate and be in a relationship. John learns his worth and that he is not his father. As John learns to let go of his father’s abusive hold on him, he blossoms into a caring man who can someday be a father the way his never was. Absolutely delightful!

Cara Cieslak