Freedom of Love


INTERRACIAL:  A French nobleman, Dominique, Marquis d’Chartes, and his wife, Imani, an African beauty, must journey to America for business purposes. Even though her maman has warned her about how America treats Africans, twelve year-old Soleil is enthralled with her first trip to a new country. Arriving at the Cummings estate, Soleil meets Alex, who is put to task of entertaining Soleil while their parents conduct business. They become fast friends, even though Alex knows it goes against the grain. Their friendship continues to grow over the next few years, until at the age of sixteen, Soleil is captured and sold into slavery.  Neither Alex, nor her parents stop looking for her, until one a dream, Alex finds her running from her captors, and she has a child with her. Returning from such a harrowing life lead as a slave, will they be able to find the love they once shared, even though it’s forbidden?


Kudos Ms. Carr, for writing such a racially sensitive story with compassion and giving your characters such dignity! Soleil is an amazing character.  She carries herself with integrity even though she is forced to live as a slave. The author brings reality and historical accuracy to a difficult time in America’s history. Although one can feel the love between Soleil and Alex from the get-go, the situations themselves need more “showing” rather than “telling”. There are also a few typos, but they don’t distract from the story. Overall, this is a wonderful love story that conquers all, even in a country that got it oh so very wrong!


Tonya Smalley