Forsaken Vows


It is a time of turmoil. In the year 1661, Catholics are not tolerated. Emma and Edgar Torbet are twins. They live with their uncle in London. Their mother had to flee their home because of the belief that fraternal twins are the result of adultery. When they are of age Edgar is to help with their Uncle’s business, but he dreams of sailing the seas and the many adventures that wait. Emma is married off to a farmer far from London. Edgar’s duties bring him to court where he falls for a lady, even though he is married. Emma finds life in the country hard to endure. She has a husband who gambles and does not love her.  They both must find their way in this cruel world and not be discovered as Catholics. 

The highlight of this story is the glorious historical detail! The research that went into this romance is quite obvious. It is not just a romance. The religious unrest and persecution are heartbreaking yet, fascinating to read about. There are also incredible naval and business details regarding trade. Alas, the storyline and characters are bland. Emma just goes through the motions, trying to get out of her marriage. Edgar is quite unlikable and utterly selfish. Some of their reactions to events did not feel realistic and fail to connect with the reader. Despite the bursts of action, the pace of the story crawls. Filled with political and religious upheaval, the period is the perfect background for the story.  This book is for all those who truly appreciate history.

Amanda Hupe