A Forgotten Fall (A Lord for All Seasons Book 3)


Young Miss Francesca “Cheska” Templeworth watches Adam Fairchild, the second son of the Marquess of Heywood, hoping that he will ask her to dance. Adam has a special nickname for Francesca, Sunshine. The night before Adam leaves to fight in the war in France, he tells Francesca she will find a way to help. Eight years later, an amnesic Adam returns home from the war broken, with war-plagued memories that will never leave him. Francesca has turned into a beautiful woman, yet he calls her by her sister’s name. Cheska plans to assist Adam with everything, thereby becoming injured herself. Cheska has no choice but to stay at Adam’s home to recuperate. The longer Francesca stays, the more Adam realizes he can’t live without her, if only he can convince her of it.

A truly sorrowful, historical romance that definitely exhibits all the emotions! Luckily, the tale doesn’t start off sad, but it increasingly becomes so. Some things aren’t explained fully, and though the story isn’t a complicated one, it might help to read the previous books beforehand just to understand the familial relationships. Even though PTSD is not mentioned, it is highly evident and written about eloquently. Unfortunately, Regency mores aren’t strictly adhered to, so true historical aficionados may quibble over the book’s accuracy. Adam, the long-suffering war veteran hero, is afflicted with a living nightmare, and it is hard to relate to him even though it’s easy to feel sympathy towards his plight. On the other hand, Francesca, the cynical but humorous heroine, manages to be quite charming. The book is a satisfying and emotionally laden tale well worth reading!

Roslynn Ernst