The Forgotten Debutante


Fifteen-year-old Saffron Fitzpatrick is living amidst the horrors of the civil war. Unable to even leave her home at times, she jumps at the chance for adventure when she discovers a young soldier in hiding.  Now the war is over, however, and Saffron is an adult working in the war office to bring the bodies of those fallen home to their families.  


Ezekiel Boone was only thirteen, too young to enlist, when he first followed his three brothers into war and much too young to watch them all die.  But he did.  And without the help of a beautiful girl, it may have been the end of his life, as well.  Now, years later, he must help recover his brothers' bodies.  When he also finds the girl he has never forgotten, however, he vows to hold on to the one person he knows he can’t live without.


In this story of love amidst tragedy, Ms. Lower deftly uncovers the human ache of war and its aftermath.  Historical events weave in and out of Saffron and Ezekiel’s story subtly while profoundly educating readers.  The story itself, however, stays surface-only with lots of page time taken up with the couple’s yearning.  While necessary, the extent in this instance slows the overall rhythm down considerably.  The same sentiments said in fewer words would have had a more profound impact.  It is a very sweet story, though, with the romance progressing at a believable rate, allowing love to form before the steam rises.  It’s gritty history with a very sweet touch.


Ruth Lynn Ritter