Forgotten, and other Heartless Tales (Regency #10)


REGENCY:  Several years after the death of her love, Gabriel St. Clair, Lady Michaella Harcourt has decided to move on.  With the aid of the Duke of Derringer she finds herself in an arranged marriage to someone safe, who won’t expect her heart, although it doesn’t go as expected. Meanwhile, on the coast of France, Gabriel has made a new life with the Frenchwoman who saved him.  When his memories start to come back in bits and pieces with the image of a different woman, he must rediscover his identity once again to find peace in his new life. When Gabriel and Michaella meet again, this time with their respective spouses in tow, old emotions resurface and collide while the family that ties them together handles a crisis of their own.


Another fabulous regency read by Jaimey Grant! “Forgotten” wraps up the love story between Michaella and Gabriel that started in “Heartless”. Each novelette explores the new relationships Michaella and Gabriel find themselves in, until the third brings them together again. Both characters have full personalities, growing from the previous books without blending together. Also, the plots within each tale and the one tying them together are nicely done at a steady pace, leaving the reader sighing in contentment, and slightly upset that it ended so fast. Although it helps to have read the previous book, “Forgotten” can stand alone and should top any regency romance reader’s to-read list!


Sarah E Bradley