PARANORMAL/NON-FICTION:  “Forevermore” is an autobiography of an ordinary life that meshes with the extraordinary. Since she was a girl, Ms. Kristy Robinett has been gifted with abilities that allow her to reach into the beyond. She writes the introduction to her autobiography with some trepidation, she says, at revealing her relationship with a figure of historical note. At thirteen, Edgar Allan Poe appears to her and remains with her as a primary spirit guide during her life. 


"Forevermore" describes the journey and revelations for both Kristy and for Poe. She follows his lead as he directs her to seek out the truth of his life and her past life, which are intertwined. Due to the subject matter of ghosts, spirits and those not at rest, a reader’s skin may crawl and the blood may chill. Ms. Robinett jumps to the high points of her experiences over several years which leaves a disjointed feel at times. On a few occasions, a reader may get lost when they are suddenly shifted into a regression with Kristy. It is intriguing, however, to have a front row seat in a medium’s journey with a character like Poe, who fascinated many during his life and continues to share after his death. The bread crumbs laid by Poe's spirit are not tied up in a neat bundle but they shed light on the events of his life and controversial, if not mysterious, demise. 

It’s a read that leaves unanswered questions, probabilities to consider, theories to ponder and a unique opportunity to view Ms. Robinett’s startling, sometimes dangerous life - all from the safety of one's armchair. 

Natasza Waters