Forever Mine


AMERICANA: The moment Bartholomew sees his nephew's mail order bride, Ariah Scott, he knows that his life is forever changed.  His loveless marriage to a pious, hypocritical and shrewish wife has wrung the joy from his soul. His endless days of simply existing now have meaning in the form of a young woman who is forbidden to him.  

Despite their impossible situation, Ariah brings happiness to Bartholomew just as he brings safety and steady devotion to her.  She too, is alone in a harsh world and is running from a past that forced her into marrying a man she's never met. The two try to endure their life's road and take what comfort they can from each other without crossing the line.

"Forever Mine" is set in a remote, yet marvelous Oregon coast in the late nineteenth century.  What could have been bleak and lonely is made romantic and beautiful in this tale of a love that came to two people who are both promised to another.  It is a tale to make one question what marriage truly means, show  what circumstances lead people to do battle within themselves, and how morality and heart can sometimes clash. Ariah is young and somewhat innocent, and Bartholomew is just the opposite...he's worn down and disillusioned.  Somehow, through impossible circumstances, and without even trying, they allow their passion for life to translate into a passion for each other.  They need each other deeply.  Raddon truly writes an exquisitely captivating story of a couple that is truly meant to be!

Nicole Duke