Forbidden Heart; Heart of the Highlands, Book 6


It is 1349, and Silene Sparrow has spent four years in a priory and plans to take her vows to become a nun next spring. Her uncle, John Stewart, has plans to use her service to the church to elevate himself politically from his position as the High Steward of Scotland to potentially become the next King of Scotland. Stewart sends Galeren MacPherson and several of his trusted warriors to escort Silene safely and unharmed from the priory in England back to his castle in Scotland so she can be questioned and deemed worthy, and thus allow Stewart’s machinations to come to fruition. As they travel from the priory to the castle, Silene and Galeren get to know each other and see courage, wisdom, strength, and conviction in each other. Her calming presence soothes something in Galeren and in his men, her presence bringing out the best in them.

This original and unique story is very well-written, drawing the reader in from the start. These protagonists are so much fun to read! They are both so conflicted. They each want to make good choices, but the right thing isn’t always clear because of the hidden agendas others are working toward behind the scenes. The tension creeps up fairly high at times, yet remains at a low level at other times. The story is paced perfectly, giving it a smooth flow. The historical details woven throughout the story feel believable to this reader who is not an authority on the period. The creativity of the storyline and the courage demonstrated by these protagonists make this book a delight from start to finish

Carey Sullivan