Forbidden: Claude


Sir Claude Montague has loved Lady Rose since he was a young boy. Unfortunately, she’s been happily married these last eight years and has requested that he attend her during her pregnancy while her husband is away. It is his duty to aid the lady, but can he do so without wishing she were his? Lady Evelina Du Pont has escaped to England searching for a groom that her father might accept over her horrible betrothed. Disguised as a nursemaid, she hopes to be able to search in peace. Hiding her true station, however, becomes difficult when Sir Claude seems to suspect she is hiding the truth. Unable to resist the boisterous servant, Sir Claude searches for answers, but Evelina continually denies her status. In a time that forbids romance between the classes, only the truth about their present can save Claude and Evelina from the hurts of the past.

The third book in the “Barons of the Cinque Ports” series, “Forbidden: Claude” is a medieval romance that can be read as a standalone but is best read in series order to avoid spoilers. As a romance driven tale, the relationship between the main characters goes from annoyance to passion and beyond fairly quickly, with only her secrets serving as a hindrance. As the plot is rather simple, it lacks any unique twists or surprising moments, or even any memorable conflict to make this story stand out. However, the writing is solid, and the story fits the medieval romance mold with a tad bit more steam to keep the reader interested. Overall, this is a decent read for fans of Medieval romance.

Sarah E Bradley