Forbidden Angel

Sandra Lea
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1880, London, England
After the tragic death of her father and stepmother, Lady Angeline Ashley feels completely lost. Not yet twenty one, she is left with debts, a younger brother to take care of and one Charles Malcolm to avoid. However, Malcolm is determined to have her as his wife and won’t take no for an answer. Luckily, help comes in the form of her brother’s guardian, his uncle, Adrian Randolph Spencer, the tenth Earl of Windsford and the man she has loved for years. Have things changed? Might there be hope for them?
Spencer Ranch, Houston, Texas
Following the murder of his fiancée in England there was nothing Adrian wanted more than to get away. He made a home in Texas knowing he’d have to return to England eventually. After all, he needs heirs and for that a gently bred wife is a necessity. News of his sister’s death may force him to face all that happened a bit sooner, as he sees the beautiful Angeline again. He is probably wrong to want her, but as long-hidden secrets are revealed and danger chases them across the world, Adrian and Angeline might find love after all.
In “Forbidden Angel” Sandra Lea Rice guides us through the intricately wrought maze of secrets, danger and love. Sadly, the maze failed to deliver the thrill it should have. Despite the large number of twists, the pace was slow and the story too detailed and predictable, with characters that felt two dimensional.  If more attention were paid to bringing the propitious characters to life the interesting basis for the storyline would have been allowed to shine.
Mimi Smith