Fools Rush (A Prospector's Novel Book 1)


WESTERN:  Bethany Cook wants to live her life without having to rely on others. When an opportunity arises to secure travel on a wagon train bound for gold country, she disguises herself as a boy named Bart and obtains work as a cook with Thomas Nolan, a rich New Yorker starting a new life in California after the tragedy of a bad marriage. Difficulties soon arise when Thomas, who can’t forget the night of passion shared with Bethany, finds out there is a bounty on her head. But Bethany’s feelings for Thomas are making it difficult to keep her secrets, and the alternative is looking more attractive as time goes on. 


This entertaining historical romance is a good depiction of the trials and tribulations of life on a wagon train heading out west to gold country. With interesting characters that are likeable and realistic, the story line moves at a good pace, although there are areas that hinder the flow. There are also some editing issues that need to be addressed, but the relationship dynamics, which grow at a realistic rate, have enough hurdles to keep the reader engaged. The plot is further enhanced with a good use of secondary characters whose purpose is revealed as the story unfolds. With a good balance of good and evil, the combination of adventure, romance, wit, and drama mix together to make an intriguing read that is inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable. A must read for lovers of history and romance!


Janna Shay