Fool's Gold


Lady Guinevere Stanhope has arrived in New Zealand to photograph the rare Moa bird in hopes of paying her late father's debt and saving her ancestral estate. With the help of Quinn O'Donnell, an Irishman who is also seeking his fortune in gold, they become an unlikely pair to ally.  If Guinevere is unable to quickly make her fortune she will have to return to England and marry in order to save her home.  However, she didn't expect to fall in love with both New Zealand and Quinn. Now she must chose and her heart is torn.


This is the type of story that one can really sink their teeth into! A lot of drama and adventure takes place at a steady pace making each new situation comfortably engaging, though for some it may seem slow. Both Quinn and Guinevere are independent and tenacious and although the romance between them is subtle by comparison, it is loving and hopeful.  Watching them gain each other's trust and admiration until the very end will certainly keep the reader's attention close at hand throughout. "Fool's Gold" is a look at historic New Zealand with a raw and wild perspective and a peek at social issues, while capturing a special quality of the human spirit brings this story to life.


Lauren Taylor