A Foolish Game (Regency Brides: A Promise of Love #5)


REGENCY:  Lady Isabella Beauchamp has every opportunity in life, beautiful, clever and with a handsome dowry, her brother sees no reason she cannot make a perfect match by the end of the season. However, Isabella chafes at Society’s restrictions and has no interest in marriage or the season itself, instead perfectly content to become a spinster and spend her days in the country riding her horse. Lord Ewin Colborne has loved Isabella for years, so when his best friend—her brother—worries about her future, Ewin jumps at the chance to spend time with Isabella and prove to her that he is her match. Yet, as he works to show Isabella love is greater than her fears, Ewin’s father has made his own plans for his son and they don’t include Isabella.

Another excellent addition to this series, Ms. Beers has written a historical romance that can stand alone with many of the tropes and factors that fans of this genre adore with the added benefit of a couple of twists to keep the story fresh. While the story itself is not unique or thought-provoking, and the plot concerning Ewin’s courting plan has been done before, the story was so smoothly written and fun that readers will undoubtably be absorbed with the tale regardless. Fans looking for a regency setting, lords and ladies, courtship, love, romantic rivals, family and monetary drama and more, will find this book an outstanding addition to their to-read lists!

Sarah E Bradley