The Folly At Falcon Bridge


Vanessa Ashley is still grieving over the death of her parents when she arrives at Falconbridge Hall.  She has refused the help of a wealthy, titled uncle to accept the position of governess to Blythe, daughter of Lord Julian Falconbridge.  

 A scientist, Lord Falconbridge travels extensively to the Amazon and is not home most of the time.  Blythe, although a delightful child, has been melancholy since the death of her mother and is longing for her father's affections.  As Vanessa unravels the curious aspects of both the disappearance of the former governess and the perplexing nature of Lord Falconbridge she discovers her own heart has begun to heal and is ready to find love.
Intrigue and mystery is introduced early in this story and soon captures the reader's attention ten-fold!  The author deftly writes the character of Vanessa as strong-willed and well-educated, making her a very interesting character that gains one's respect and admiration. Lord Falconbridge is equally interesting with his scientific knowledge and as the reader journeys with him to the Amazon, the story is graced with an exotic aspect. There’s even more intrigue, however, as Lord Falconbrige also employs a gyspy named Lovel who can seduce a person with one look.  Suddenly, the reader is in the middle of a full blown whodunnit with Scotland Yard on the case!  The author deserves high praise for her ability to capture the reader's attention and engage one in both the mystery and the romance of this delightful story!
Margaret Faria