Fly with a Rogue


Emma Westfield and her young brother Kit live in a cottage in the village of Tichbury.  As the local schoolmistress she can support her crippled brother if not in style, at least in comfort. When former soldier and current aeronaut, Captain Gilbert Manning, crash lands his balloon in Tichbury he is taken to her cottage to be nursed, properly chaperoned by the vicar’s sister Miss Grimshaw. The attraction between Gil and Emma is intense, but they both believe they are ineligible to the other, so are resigned to ignoring it. That is, until the night of a ball given by the local squire. Will they fly in the face of convention, letting their desire soar to the heavens?


Set in 1817 England, Elena Greene paints a delightful picture of life in a small village where society’s rules are strict and gossip is rife. The detail of balloon use during that time is extremely intriguing and not something one usually sees in an historical romance. Gilbert Manning is a captivating individual, having led a very interesting life in various parts of the world, while Emma is a local girl who has never left her village.


There seems to be a disconnect between Emma and Gilbert's actions and what is going on in their heads. In both of their minds they resolve to stay away from an involvement only to turn right around and act the exact opposite. This constant turnabout may frustrate instead of fascinate. Overall though, this is a charming romance with an underlying mystery to add intrigue. 


Carol Conley