The First Apostle

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Camille Desmoulins is a writer in Paris, France.  He tries to support himself  selling pamphlets he has written, but it is slow going.  He would like to marry the love of his life, Lucile, but her father won’t agree to the match given Desmoulins’s inability to support a wife.  Suddenly, Desmoulins becomes a voice for the French Revolution, and his pen is golden!  He inspires men to overthrow the king,  becoming a voice for the masses.  Lucile becomes his wife, and supports his efforts to write about the turbulent times around them.  All too quickly, however, Desmoulins learns how quickly one can fall out of favor, friends can turn and life can become very dangerous for one who chronicles dissent.

Katherine Pym writes a spellbinding tale of life in Paris during the French Revolution!  It is almost as if the reader is there, looking over the characters’ shoulders as a part of the story.  The details of  Paris, the use of French words and phrases, and the descriptions of life in Paris during the Revolution are pitch perfect, gracing the reader with just enough historical information to hold the story together without getting mired in details. The First Apostle is adeliciously written, emotionally charged snapshot life in Paris during the Revolution!

Victoria Z. Burg