To Find a Viking Treasure (Norse Series Book 2)


Viking life was not easy for anyone, and even less desirable for those in servitude.  Sestra was a slave but had aspirations to break free.  Brandr is a complicated man who few know much about, save his love for his weapon and his skill wielding it.  Sestra alone holds the key that can thwart invasion and save the day.  With his strong attraction to Sestra, Brandr changes his plans to volunteer to protect the thrall. Together they make an epic journey to find the Viking treasure and save their village from invaders. 


Rugged determination is the backbone to this Old Norse tale.  Sestra is an uncommon woman for this period but readers can all relate to the desire to achieve a better status in life.  Just as uncommon is a warrior who desires for this woman to succeed in becoming free as well, but Brandr’s reasons are deeply embedded in his history, which is well-placed in this telling.  While this is distinctly a stand-alone installment, the few references to the first book in the series will not detract from this tale.  Readers may find the names of locations and reference to common items or groups off-putting, in having to stop reading to research what the terms actually mean.  This unlikely team faces many obstacles throughout the tale, and readers may be deflated when the culmination of Sestra and Brandr’s efforts in the first half of the story are not as significant in the later half, as well as several editing issues.  Readers can still enjoy the pendulum of activity and adventure portrayed.


Jordyn Teel