The Feria

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 At eighteen, Soledad is on the verge of a new life for herself, ready to further her education, move out from the confines of her conservative family and become independent. Her father, though, has other ideas. Anxious to keep his business and ensure the continued prosperity of his family, he strikes a deal to marry off Soledad to Emmanuel Nevarez, a banker and a much older man.
Unaware of her father's plans, Soledad has fallen in love with Xavier, a young man who works at the feria, or Mexican fair. Unable to change her father's mind, Soledad has no choice but to leave Xavier. But Soledad and Xavier are bound by more than just their love.
 “The Feria” is a sweet love story, set initially in El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico during World War II when Soledad and Xavier meet. Their story spans the next twenty years.
With an interesting look into two different cultures and an unfolding drama of love lost, this is a pretty engrossing read. The pacing was a little uneven, jumping years and skimming events at times. And there were sometimes a lack of details of the era, especially the war years.  Despite these minor flaws, the story itself and the love affair between Soledad and Xavier was captivating, especially since the setting and era are so under-used in romantic historical fiction. Overall this is a solid and really enjoyable read!
Jill MacKenzie