A Fearless Rebel (Clan Ross Book #5)


Keithen Fraser is set on avenging his mother and old friend after their kidnapping by warriors in the Clan Mackenzie. The Laird Fraser’s plans to form an alliance with the Laird Mackenzie throws a wrench in Keithen’s ambitions. Keithen is forced into a marriage with the enemy’s daughter—Ava Mackenzie. Ava does not take this forced marriage lightly since she is rebellious at heart. Although, she does reluctantly marry Keithen, only to be publicly humiliated, and sent back home. When there are unexpected lairdship issues, Ava and Keithen are forced back together, a connection slowly blooming between them. But will this last, with the fine line of war floating in the midst between the clans? Or will Ava and Keithen succumb to the expectations of those around them and stay enemies for life?

This enthralling novel, full of scrumptious, strong-willed Highlanders, will take a reader into its arms and keep one on edge, for each new plot twist. The plot is a bit jarring and moves through some scenes very quickly, leaving the reader puzzled. However, the back-and-forth point of views of Ava and Keithen in third person is beautifully done and keeps the reader attuned to what’s going on for the characters individually, at all times. The romance is steamy and fascinating, however, there doesn’t seem to be as much of an emotional build; it feels as if Keithen and Ava fell in love too fast. The historical story acts as a wonderful stand-alone, however, reading the preceding ones may ensure a more comprehensible plotline. Overall,  “A Fearless Rebel” is a worthy read; action-packed and full of overwhelming conflicts!

Austen Grace