A Fearless Heart: A Regency Spy Romance


Intrigue and murder draw Gabriel Courtenay’s life forward, working as a spy for an elite group of spies for the British crown. A series of deaths by poison is taking down England’s important political figures, and Gabe is tasked with stalking the killer. When clues draw him to a mysterious estate called Calderwood, he never guesses the suspected murderess he encounters will blur the lines between duty and his heart. Lady Arcadia of Calderwood is a dedicated botanist, and lives to nurture her vast collection of rare plants, developing them into medicines to help, not harm others. When Gabe comes on as her new “gardener,” she doesn’t know whether to trust or fear him—or surrender helplessly to the attraction neither can deny. Together they must root out the true killer, one who may well be harvesting his deadly potions from Cady’s own greenhouse.

A delightfully different plot turns this Regency romance into an un-put-down-able treasure. The author’s research is impeccable. She injects just enough detail about botany and Cady’s work to capture the reader’s imagination. From rich scene description to fast-paced action to three-dimensional character development, the story nails every beat. Our hearts thump harder as Cady’s phobias imprison her. Breath comes faster as Gabe displays more sex appeal than James Bond’s 007. Yet both are humanized to show us their flaws. Readers will cringe at their stumbles and laugh at their bumbles as they join forces to track the real assassin. A truly enjoyable and very different take on Regency romance, “A Fearless Heart” is a must-read for any historical fan looking for a fresh and exciting adventure.

FS Brown