Fate & Fair Winds


Rebecca lived a happy life in-spite of the turmoil of revolution that surrounded her... until her mother died and her father spent her dowry and had to “sell” her in marriage.  Now she faces a lifetime of misery - until fate presents her with one chance to experience passion. 

John FitzSimmon is a Major in the British army on assignment to “discover” the secrets of the Americans when he spies a beauty he must have.  Knowing she is an innocent but unable to resist the offer she gives, John soon finds himself tied to the lovely Becky in ways he never imagined.  But as the war escalates and each finds themselves on opposite sides, nothing but danger and tragedy can befall their attraction.

Ms. Codington knows how to weave a spellbinding tale while educating a reader in history!  Her writing style is smooth and her story engrossing. Unfortunately that story doesn't begin until page 67!  Little more than one long extended, very detailed sex scene comes before, and that sets the stage for what becomes a serious believability hurdle.  A man who, in that time period, carelessly takes a woman’s virtue then walks away is very hard to like. Present day morals just don’t work in 1776 society and that lacadasical attitude continues throughout.  It is not just the sex.  Along with a few editing problems, there are numerous situations that don’t ring true, culminating in an ending that stretches even the most creative assumptions.  Still, with such beautiful writing, one can easily overlook and enjoy the journey!  

Ruth Lynn Ritter