A Fallacious Seduction


Shanna is returning home from visiting her mother when there is an explosion on the train. When she wakes up, she is facing Reese, who happens to be a US Marshall.  He keeps calling her someone else and refuses to listen when she denies being that person. Reese is shocked when he sees the woman who betrayed him years ago whom he thought was dead, and is even more shocked and confused when she says she is Shanna. He sets out to prove who she is and see that she goes to jail where she belongs.

“A Fallacious Seduction” is a fantastic historical romance that the reader will not want to put down. One will be drawn into the story from the first page as there is a lot happening throughout the story. The reader will enjoy being taken back into another time and place where there are cowboys and gunfights. Virginia Barlow has created some very engaging and strong characters that bring so much to the story, especially Shanna and Reese. The chemistry between the couple is powerful and pulls them in despite the constant fighting. Shanna is head strong and has been humiliated by the town, jilted at the altar and abused by her family. The author did a great job in describing how women were treated during the western time-period. The reader will enjoy the constant action and the twists throughout the story that will leave you guessing. “A Fallacious Seduction” is a must read for romance readers who love a good western!

Victoria Zumbrum