Faithful Heart (The Von Wolfenberg Dynasty Book 3)


As the youngest of three sons born to nobility, Konrad Von Wolfenberg was pledged to the priesthood. After he becomes disillusioned with the church and begins to question his faith in God altogether, Konrad sets out on a soul-searching journey. He takes a job on a pirate ship with his sole purpose the liberation of slaves being held as cargo. Chosen by his captain to pose as a shiphand aboard a merchant ship, Konrad's mission is to sabotage the ship and help steal the cargo. When he meets the strikingly beautiful Zara Polani, his situation becomes increasingly intriguing. As the two become closer, Konrad confides his true intentions. Zara knows that she should hate the conspiring pirate but she can't stop herself from falling under his spell...

The third book in the Von Wolfenberg Dynasty series, “Faithful Heart” will have readers completely engrossed in this story from the very first page! Ms. Markland’s impeccable research pays off as she balances historically correct facts with red-hot romance and kick-butt action. The descriptions of the clothing, food, ships and architecture give this novel an air of authenticity while the romance serves as the proverbial frosting on this scrumptious cake. Although the dynamic characters and action-packed plot will keep readers on their toes, some may feel the mystical overtones in Konrad's eleventh hour rescue seem out of place. And while Zara’s brother is beautifully written and fully realized, the characterization of her sister is slightly one-dimensional. Fast paced and riveting, this tale is a great addition to the series!

Chantel Hardge