The Faithful Heart (The Noble Hearts, #2)

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Ms. Farmer has definitely upped her game in this latest instalment of her Noble Hearts Series!
The Faithful Heart begins a year after The Loyal Heart left off -- with Lady Madeline a virtual prisoner in a convent, and condemned horse-thief turned nobleman Jack Tanner basking in the glow of Prince John's favor.
The new Lord of Kedleridge has much to learn about being a noble.  Speaking as one, acting as one, egads, simply answering to his new title is taking all of his attention.  Not only that, he is scheming to arrange the rescue of Lady Madeline, the love of his life.  When King Richard is captured and an impossible ransom is requested,  Jack becomes an unwilling pawn in an intrigue far beyond anything he could have imagined.  
A rollicking, light-hearted adventure, The Faithful Heart is technically a much better work than the first in the series.  While the 20th century anachronisms in the dialogue still fly fast and furious with words and phrases such as, "losers", "pussy", "..screw up" ".. load of crap!" and "reconnaissance”, it’s plain to see Ms. Farmer has a definite love for the medieval period and her writing reflects it. There is enough adventure, romance and moments of genuine heartbreak here to keep readers glued to their e-readers for the duration.  A scheming villainess, nefarious plots and fast-paced action make this trip to Derbyshire an exciting treat!
Tammy Grant