It is 1938 and Amalia is on the run for her life.  Vienna has fallen to the Nazis and she has just witnessed the murder of her husband, cabinet member, Baron von Schoenenburg.  Along with her distinct and political past, the knowledge that Amalia has is of critical importance and must be delivered to Winston Churchill if any hope of stopping Hitler is left.  Along with her two teenage sons, Amalia must trust her future to the man she has never forgotten - the one who devastated her heart years ago. In the midst of the darkest days of her life and as the world spirals out of control, can Amalia learn to forgive, love and build life again?


In this sequel to “The Last Waltz”, Ms. Vandagriff continues the saga of Amalia and the events that led up to WWII in a touching, yet informative way.  Historical facts are woven so deftly that the reader gains an in-depth view while understanding the human emotions of a woman who has suffered much but must rise to whatever is asked. Because there isn’t a definite arc in the story, but rather a series of smaller events, some may find the reading a bit slow.  And, although the story can stand alone, to enjoy the true depth and background of the events portrayed, reading the first book is highly recommended.  For anyone who enjoys this rich but dark era in time, this book is definitely a must read!


Ruth Lynn Ritter