Ewan (The Sword and the Spirit Book 1)


The year is 1307 and King Philippe has expelled the Knights of the Holy Temple from France.  Ewan MacKellar and two of his fellow Knights of the Holy Temple flee to Scotland and the protection granted to Templars by Ewan’s grandfather.  Having not been home for 12 years, Ewan is uncertain what to expect when he arrives, however, it was most definitely not news that his brother Ruaidri, now Laird of Castle Cathan, has gone missing.  When evidence of Ruaidri’s death is uncovered, Ewan must now lay down the mantle of the Templars and take up the Lairdship. As unprepared as Ewan is to lead, he is even less prepared for the neighboring Laird  to insist that Ewan agree to an arranged marriage to his sister, Elspeth.  When the depth of the neighbor’s treachery is revealed, will Ewan ever find happiness? 

Although this novel starts out with a bit of a slow roll, the plot soon intensifies and becomes hard to put down!  From the very beginning, Ms. Borthiry draws the reader into medieval Scotland with vivid description and dialect so spot-on, the reader feels as if they are hearing it in person.  Vibrant dialogue gives each character a distinct voice.  Ewan is a sympathetic hero, although his faith in others seems easily shaken.  The true hero in this story is Christie.  Beautifully written, Christie’s depth and strength of character is something lovely to behold.  As the first book in The Sword and The Spirit series, Ms. Borthiry has introduced a host of characters that will leave the reader anxiously awaiting the next book in the series!

Elissa Blabac