Evie (Pendleton Petticoats Book 10)


Flynn Elliot has always been more interested in botany than anything else. When his sister drags him to a ball, Flynn knows he is going to be bored and not have fun. As Flynn is wandering out to the moonlit garden, he spies Evie, a beautiful woman who is dancing in the moonlight. Flynn is entranced and can’t help but dance with the beguiling lady. Evie, a nanny, is equally besotted with Flynn and falls under his spell, learning Flynn will be transforming her employer’s yard into a natural paradise. As Flynn gets to know Evie, his feelings for her threaten his business. Can he ever tell her how he really feels, or will he lose her altogether because he is too afraid of his love for her?

This is a wonderfully charming, sweet historical romance that readers will instantly love! In the beginning, the narrative moves a bit slowly, but when it does pick up speed, it moves quite captivatingly and deftly. “Evie” is a nicely told romantic tale that will make readers fall for not only the storyline but everything in it! There aren’t too many complications, but the town of Pendleton sounds like the perfect place to visit and stay a while. Evie the adorable, plucky, beauteous heroine not only wins the heart of Flynn but everyone else too! Flynn, the quiet, intelligent, and poetic hero is the furthest thing from an alpha male but is nonetheless a gentleman personified! Shanna Hatfield has written a wonderful book, which, despite being part of a series, stands marvelously all on its own!

Roslynn Ernst