Everything But the Earl


Miss Caroline Crispin, the daughter of one of London’s most sought-after architects, has spunk and sass to spare. She has no plans of marrying—not after watching her mother, an architect in her own right, shrink into the background. Caro is a party girl a few hundred years before her time. She loves to flirt with men, unabashedly, but when she discovers that two lords have wagered on who will be the first to become her lover, she is mortified. Is this the reputation she has brought upon herself?

Lord Adam Ryland is a gentle giant who, like Caro, has an unearned reputation. His father was a boxer, and early on, Adam whipped a royal butt or two. But Adam prefers a quiet life tending his country farm. When he meets Caro, however, all bets are off. Her playful banter and tenacious character spark something within him. He wants her to be his.

This book is a pure delight. A playful romp through Regency London, it is excellently written, sprinkled with humor and quick wit, and paced to keep the reader turning the pages. The characters are so well-developed, they jump off the page. Caro is Scarlett O’Hara on steroids. The readers see her scintillating relationship with Lord Adam Ryland develop through not only her eyes, but through Adam’s as well—not always the case for historical romance. This dual point-of-view grabs the reader’s heart and won’t let go. Beautifully written, fun, and fast paced, this regency is a true gem for any fan of the genre. And for those who are not, this one might convert you!

FS Brown