Every Earl has a Silver Lining


Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel “Gabe” Smith hears the stunning news his cousin has died leaving no heirs, so he is now Earl Farnworth. Gabe must go to Lancashire in order to claim the earldom, so leaves his military life behind. Emma Crompton, formerly the Countess of Farnworth, along with her daughter, must move out of Thicketford Manor, but instead, they move to the attic. When Gabe arrives, he sees the house is grand and majestic; more than what Gabe had anticipated. Along with his faithful batman Bradley, Gabe plans to make the best of his situation. Gabe also has been suffering from a strange illness—which may possibly be killing him. In meeting his cousin’s widow, Emma, he develops a strong attraction and quickly falls in love. Gabe must unravel the mysteries of the manor before he ends up dead.

A delightful Regency mystery and romance all rolled into one! The settings seem real and easily imagined. The story’s plot develops gradually and moves at a good pace. The more modern sensibility against Gabe marrying his cousin’s wife may worry some readers, and the villain is present only fleetingly and never feels truly dangerous. Gabe the sickly military hero manages to be alluring and swoon-worthy despite his illness, and Emma, the widowed countess might want to alienate Gabe, but never truly seems to act the part, and falls for him instead. Emma also spends a lot of time fainting which makes her seem weak. The mystery of the illness befalling the male members of the family adds intrigue! Regardless of a couple of weaknesses, this appealing story will charm readers into believing the improbable!

Roslynn Ernst