Evermore (Knight Everlasting #3)


Jordan McCurdy cannot believe his sister is gone, so when an eccentric historian tells him that Sophie might not really be dead but actually living in another time, he puts on the cursed wedding dress in an attempt to save her. Unfortunately, things do not go as expected. The witch who promised to help him bring his sister home might just be part of the curse itself, and finding true love doesn’t seem to be the only requirement behind breaking the curse. As danger increases, and the curse seems to be speeding up events, Jordan will have to uncover the source of the curse, and perhaps fulfill its requirements himself or face losing everything.

In the third and final book in the “Knight Everlasting” series, Jordan is determined to save his sister from the past, but discovers (in a somewhat humorous way) that with time travel nothing goes according to plan. As this story’s plot relies heavily on the previous books, it must be read in order, as the curse itself repeats the situation over and over which creates this marvelous scenario in which the characters must scramble to uncover where it all began, thus bringing Jordan’s awkward and bumbling romance with the lady’s maid into play. Overall, this story only lacks some important answers to the witch’s role in the tale that are never resolved, but otherwise the situation and characters really make this a worthwhile read for any fan of time travel romance. 

Sarah E Bradley