The Eve of Love: A Hearts Through History New Year Anthology

Elf Ahearn, Eliza Carter, Kathy Crouch, Heather Hallman, Cynthia Anne Hurt, Joan Sister,
Claudine Lamar, Julia Masters, Annie R. McEwen, Zia Westfield
From Tudor England to Tokyo and then the US Civil War Era’ “The Eve of Love” brings together a group of short stories. Follow through the stories of the descendants of the first story and see howthey navigate the world and find a love that makes one’s heart flutter. Sexy and seriously loveable
heroes and the heroines, they want to give their minds, bodies, and souls. Katherine and William kick off the journey, and their love is projected throughout their family as they themselves embark on the journey to find their soulmates and a happy ever after. There is adventure, intrigue and excitement throughout which ties this anthology up in a neat little bow.
Each author in this anthology puts their heart and soul on the page and it shows. There is so much variety as each story brings to life a dynamic collection of characters. Fans of historical romance will be clambering over one another to download this gem in the winter season—the perfect collection to enjoy on a cold winter night. A good deal of diversity resides within the settings and countries where the stories take place, and it is clear to see the research which has gone into not only the places, but the times in which the stories are set. What also makes this anthology a true gem is the attention to detail brought into each story. The descriptions really grab readers and pull them smack dab into the middle of the story, refusing to relinquish their grip until the final sentence. From tender moments to some very steamy ones, there is so much for those who like a bit of everything. It can definitely be said thatthis is a book that can be enjoyed again and again.
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick